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Our Primary Focus Is Helping People Who Are Injured In Accidents

At Chouest & Smith, our experienced attorneys provide as much education as humanly possible for our clients to understand. Before we meet with you, we think ahead about what you would want to know – and what you need to know – about the law surrounding your particular type of injury. When two cars collide and serious injuries result, the type of compensation and the process of filing an insurance claim is going to be vastly different than an accident with a semi-hauler owned by a major trucking firm, for example.

Your level of stress is going to vary. You may be suddenly dealing with expenses such as:

  • Emergency room bills
  • An extended hospital stay
  • Additional surgeries
  • Long-term prescriptions
  • Rehabilitative equipment
  • Retrofitting your home

When you cannot return to work right away, what then? How will you pay these bills?

Since 1984, our attorneys have been counseling and representing clients with severe car accidents, crashes involving trucking companies and premises liability actions. We help our clients get the financial compensation they have a right to receive after an injury. Before you accept an insurance company’s settlement offer for your injuries, speak to our experienced personal injury lawyers in Metairie first.

Get Seasoned Personal Injury Advocacy

The process for obtaining the monetary compensation you need following a motor vehicle accident is going to depend on the nature of your accident and your resulting injuries. No two accidents are the same, especially when your circumstances involve a work-related crash or injuries following a commercial trucking collision, for example.

Commercial truck crashes can trigger certain federal laws that will factor into the financial compensation you have a right to receive. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates the commercial carrier industry. Violations can result in several concurrent lawsuits for damages to cover your expenses to recover or rehabilitate.

One of the most sophisticated types of personal injury claim we have experience handling involves if you are seriously hurt while working on Louisiana’s harbors, docks or any one of the state’s robust fishing ships, cargo carriers or oil rigs. Elaborate federal laws, including The Jones Act, regulate these complex compensation awards.

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Whether you are suffering injuries following a multi-car accident, commercial trucking crash or a maritime-related explosion, we know your claim is going to be unique. We can help you. Our guiding principle is to educate every client about their rights and the insurance claims process. We believe that the more you know, the less stressful it can make the process for you. Call Chouest & Smith for a free consultation. You can reach us at 504-389-5344 or send our office an online inquiry.